From Regional to International

Photo Courtesy of Tallahassee Democrat

Tallahassee’s airport is officially international and has unveiled their new logo at a celebration ceremony on Monday, June 29.

The ceremony was held inside the airport terminal where the City of Tallahassee commissioners revealed the new sign, logo, and name change.  

The city commissioners and officials wasted no time with preparing a celebration ceremony, as the international designation was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration last Thursday.

Aviation Director, Chris Curry is elated about this new change and knows that everyone else is as excited as he is. He wants everyone to be aware that it is going to take time before international booking can take place.

“This is the next step into making our airport a true amenity for our residents,” said Curry. “The international designation starts the conversation to design and build an international arrival facility at the airport.”

Tallahassee Mayor, Andrew Gillum, is thrilled and ready for the change. Gillum believes that becoming international will definitely move Tallahassee forward in being an economic development center for this region.

“We have struggled a long time with regards to where do we find our footing at this airport,” said Gillum. “Today with the unveiling of our international designation, we’re taking that next gigantic leap forward.”

Being able to bring in an international trait is going to be tremendous for Tallahassee. The ability to fly directly from here to international designations all across the country and all across the world will be huge for this area.

Even though it will take some time, the airport will be continuing renovations throughout this summer. City Commissioner, Scott Maddox, lead commissioner on airport operations feels that the new designation is expected to boost general aviation, freight carriers and commercial passenger service.

"Our overall goal is that you can go anywhere from here," said Maddox. "So a step in that direction is the international designation for two reasons: general aviation and for freight."

This summer the airport will continue renovations to modernize its dated interior. In addition, design and building plans for the international arrival facility will take place over the next few years. Construction could begin in 2017 or sooner based on financing.