Local Church to Host Event to keep Youth off the Streets

Photo courtesy of Stephen Gude.

A Tallahassee community church will be hosting an event that focuses on empowering youth and keeping them off the streets. 

Restoration and Praise Christian Fellowship Center will be hosting "Empowered-To-Praise Youth Shut In” on June 26th.

The church wants to partner with other organizations that gear towards youth to help face their current issues. Also one of the goals is to give the youth internships and keep them off the streets. 

Youth minister Stephanie Brown says the focus is to do something instead of talking about it.

"We're a small church but our position is to feel like we've done something," Brown said. “Even if it's just a matter of reaching one to three children, you know, our idea is just to make a difference somewhere."

Ana Booker, the event coordinator, is also playing a big role in putting together the event.

"The Bethel event was a start because the community needs to talk and to figure out how to address these things,” Booker said.

Tallahassee native Kimberly Williams says she believes this event will be a good way to reach out to the youth.

“We need more events like this so that the youth can focus on doing something positive, rather than staying on the streets" said Williams.

There are no official sponsors for the event besides the church so most of the money is coming from church investments.  

There will be a volunteer meeting on June 20 for organizations that will like to assist with the youth shut in.