Goodbye 4G, Hello 5G

Just four years ago, the switch to 4G LTE data gave customers the fastest Internet connection. However, technology will be pushing beyond the 4G limit and Nokia will be introducing the 5G network in 2020.

Long Term Evolution or LTE is a 4G wireless data technology that allows smartphone and tablet users to stream data faster.

Wireless companies like Apple and Samsung are working on the newest and fastest connection which includes the expansion in coverage with the switch to 5G.

The 5G connection will provide users with faster downloading, uploading, and an internet connection with speeds 40 times faster than the current 4G LTE.

“5G will provide users with four times more coverage than conventional LTE,” Nokia stated in a press release.

The advancement of technology creates a surplus of new products. IT Specialist of Alliance & Associates ,Todd Poynton, explained the new 5G upgrade .

“Many of the major mobile phone manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and LG have to produce new phones that have 5G capability, if they don’t have it available already,” said Poynton. “In turn, consumers will have to purchase these new devices in order to take advantage of the service this new technology provides.”

These are not the only changes that smartphone users can expect.

“Wireless providers are going to have to revamp the equipment used to facilitate everyday cellular service, like cell phone towers,” Poynton continued.

Smartphone users are excited for 5G features, but technological advancements will come at a high cost. Accessibility to the 5G connection is expected to increase the price of data plans due to the high volume of data that the connection will use.

Cisco Systems reported that the 5G connection could cause phone bills to rise by an estimated 57 percent.  The big four cellphone companies—AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon are already competing to provide the most affordable data plans, but consumers are wondering if a reasonable rate will still be available in 2020.

Tallahassee Verizon Wireless sales representative, Chris Watts,  explained the competitive nature of the big four and what they will do for data plan prices.

“The usage of data will easily triple with the new technology, so there could be a possible increase in data plans…but the big four will try to offer the lowest prices to keep up with the competitors,” said Watts.

Cellphone users can expect 5G features available by 2020.