Fitness Studio To Celebrate One-Year Anniversary

Queen of Hearts will host its one-year anniversary celebration on June 6 from 2-5 p.m., at the Queen of Hearts fitness studio.

The Women fitness group is based in Tallahassee and was started June 2014.  

The studio specializes in pole fitness, but offers classes from Zumba to boot camp. These classes are offered to women of any shape, size, age and skill level.

QOH is committed to providing women with the tools they need to develop strength and confidence.  

Owners Hsiang Jones and Nicole Moriarty want to help women feel beautiful inside and out and live more fulfilling lives.  

“Our goal for Queen of Hearts Fitness is to create a supportive environment where women of all shapes and sizes could develop a healthy lifestyle through the various fitness classes we offer,” said QOH Co-Owner Hsiang Jones.

Jennifer Howard will be attending the event for the first time.  

“I have heard about this fitness group for a while from my friends and I am happy I will finally get a chance to experience it,” said Howard.  

They will raffle off prizes, including a free one-year membership to QOH.

Various companies such as, GrassLands Brewing, Blazin’ 102.3, Vale Food Co., Donia’s Spa Midtown and Diva Pops will be featured at the event.

Nicole Moriarity, co-owner of QOH, expressed how they are always open to welcoming new people to their fitness group.  

“We are always thrilled to welcome members of the community into our studio so they can get a glimpse of what it is like to be a Queen,” said Moriarty.  


For more information on QOH visit Queen of Hearts Fitness or call (850) 270-9347