FAMU Student Community Garden Plan to Host Field Day

FAMU Student Community Garden presents the event “Grow Your Mind” Earth field day held at FAMU DRS on April 25.

The event will highlight the unity and leadership around gardening, composting and environmental health education in south side Tallahassee.

These are free events in celebration of Earth week and activities will be open to the community.

This “Field Day” event will give all youth a hands-on experience with basic gardening and composting. There will be kid’s activities, arts and craft, face-painting, demos and food will be catered by Soul Vegetarian for all to enjoy.

The event is in conjunction with Leon County FAMU Co-operative Extensions Open House event that will be taking place across the street from 10am-1pm.

Ursula Ible, founder of FAMU Student Community Garden said he is looking to impact the community.

 “The importance of this event is how it will impact the community,” Ible said. “To showcase aspects of our culture such as gardening, composting, health and nutritional best practices in a positive light, we then began to raise awareness and promote a sustainable active lifestyle that can benefit all”

“What I look forward to most is connecting with the youth and the community. Every person has the ability to be a role model and leader in life. We all have a responsibility to be stewards of our land, water and air and be conscious of our health so that we can live in a better world tomorrow for ourselves and the next generation,” Ible said.

Leah Kamper of Orlando, Fla., a graduating senior at FAMU, said, “all week I have been to the events and I have really enjoyed myself and learned a lot about the environment.”

The event is expected to have over 200 participants and will be offered by the FAMU student community Garden and sponsored by the FAMU Sustainability Institute.  The event will be from11 p.m.- 3 p.m.