Self-Defense Awareness Class

Instructor informing women on why they need this class.


Florida A&M University’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity hosted a women’s self-defense and awareness class in the Army ROTC Auditorium.

The seminar consisted of two trained self-defense instructors, who specialize in martial arts, fitness training and self-defense.

James Norris, one of the self-defense instructors said, “The reason why we wanted to do this is because everyone has the right to feel safe.”

The class focused on women at FAMU because they are usually vulnerable during the night while leaving school or walking home.

“If you have a stronger bigger attacker or multiple attackers it can be overwhelming if you haven’t had a lot of training. So we wanted to inform people on how to handle these situations,” said Norris.

A huge crowd of women came out to learn more about being able to protect themselves and to support the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity.

Caitlyn Davis, a biology student said, “It’s very important for women to know how to defend themselves in times of need so I came out to gain knowledge on how I can protect myself.”

The men of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity were there to assist the women while they were training.

Ronnie Graham, the coordinator for this event, and an Alpha man said, “From having prior military experience, I’ve learned different techniques that I can use in life threatening situations and I know how important it is for our young ladies on campus to know these techniques as well.”

The event helped women gain knowledge and skills to use in their everyday lives. It’s a safe way to prepare women if they ever need to protect themselves.