School Board Members Come Together to Make a Difference.

The Leon County School Board district Advisory Council came together at the Howell Center on West Pensacola Street on Thursday evening for their monthly meeting.

As the school year winds down, multiple representatives from various Leon county schools are still pushing to improve the learning environment for students.

The meeting started with a general approval of minutes and the agenda.

Johnitta Wells, district advisory council chair, enjoyed the presentation from the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities and explained the connection between the CARD and the DAC.

“We discussed the things that they can do to help our teachers, our students, our schools and the services that they provide,” Wells said.

There was a vocal discussion in regards to school board policy 2461, which has to do with recording of parent-staff meetings.

Autism awareness month, best practices and SAC questions filled the meeting agenda and were also covered in depth by other Leon county school officials.

Michelle Gayle, Divisional director, can see the progress being made among school board members.

“There was some healthy discussion between the members of the DAC and people in the district, regarding the agenda,” Gayle said.

Teachers and administrators are not the only ones involved with discussions. Markus Jenkins, parent of a Leon county school board student, is comfortable with the future of local schools after attending the meeting.

“The only reason that I am here is to make sure that my child is getting a good education and to see what steps are being taken to make sure that my son is getting the most out of school each and every day,” Jenkins said.

After the final questions and a wrap up on issues, the meeting was adjourned.

The DAC plans to meet again on Thursday May 7th for the last time of the school year.

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