Rattlers Fail to Capitalize on Home Field Advantage

Coutesy of FAMU Athletics

The Florida A&M University Baseball team lost their final home game of the season 5-4 to the University of North Florida Ospreys at Moore-Kittles field on Wednesday.

The Rattlers scored early at the bottom of the first inning pushing their lead to 1-0. Marlon Gibbs, the 5-foot-9 outfielder,  hit his first home run of the season.

Gibbs feels that his play hard approach to the game lead  to him earning the accomplishment, and believes that extra work in practice paid off during the game.

“Good things happen when you play hard,”  Gibbs said. “On the 3-1 count, I stayed short onto the ball and we have been working on me exploding more in practice.”

The Rattlers made an error in the top of the second inning, but still managed to hold the Ospreys to zero runs.

Logan Seymour faked a bunt, which allowed a double steal, increasing the lead 2-0 with only one out. Unfortunately, Seymour was hit in the leg with the ball and was taken out of the game.

The Rattlers made another defensive error in the top of the third inning, resulting in the Ospreys getting on the board trailing 2-1.

Brian Davis hit a two run homer, his first home run of the season, bringing in Marlon Gibbs from second base advancing the lead 4-1.

Davis feels good about his swinging style, and feels that he has finally found his rhythm.

“It feels great,” Davis said. “I have been looking for comfort in the box this whole time and finally found it, so I put a good swing on it.”

The Rattlers allowed two runs in the top of the sixth inning making the score 4-3. They immediately switched pitchers, putting in freshman Cleveland Westbrook.

The Rattlers went into the top of the ninth inning trailing 5-4. Pitcher, Timothy Reker pitched very well [3-3] allowing no hits or runs headed into the bottom of the ninth.

The Rattlers went out fighting, but dropped to the Ospreys 5-4 in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Head Coach Jamey Shouppe believes his squad needs to keep morale up, and has his sights on the playoffs.                                                                                                                                                

“What we have to do now is not let this get us down,” Shouppe said. “We will position ourselves to play better in efforts to prepare for the post season.”