What? Café has Whatever You Like

What? Café brings homemade treats that are beloved by many local students in Tallahassee, Fla. Coffee, tea, pastries and the famous fried rice are specialties at the café.

Tallahassee native and humanities major at Tallahassee Community College, Delano Hughes came to the popular spot every Friday since her junior year of high school.

“All my friends come here and I know the staff really well. It’s a comfortable spot to hang out and be who you are,”  Hughes said.

The café started as a place to play music in the community and to have drinks, which two Florida State graduates created.  Later on, art and Asian culture was added to the project. Most of the drinks are Asian related. Current CEO Owner of What? Café, Kahlil Seymour put his own spin on the café to make it what it is today.

“I like the diversity here. We get business professionals, state workers to young adults and college students every day. This is something for everybody. People get coffees, mochas, or smoothies and get work done, have meetings, or just to chill.” The CEO continued, “We are a place of entertainment also, NOT a restaurant, however our food is homemade and really good.”

The popular items on the menu are the mango smoothies, honey green tea, and fried rice.

Friends and Tallahassee locals, Katherine Cornelison and Zachary Dueler said they met at friend’s birthday party at What? Café and returned for almost every event.

“It’s a great way to be extroverted in a small setting for most of us that are not that outgoing in public.” Cornelison said.

“The owners and employees know our names. We’ve been coming here long enough to be familiar with the setting. And the Panini keeps me coming back. I am definitely a regular,” Dueler said.

Knitting group events happens every Tuesday, Open Mic nights on Thursday, karaoke on Friday nights and live bands play music bi-weekly on Saturdays. Also local artists can showcase their work for two months, if room is available.

The What? Café is located at 1940 N. Monroe Street just outside of Midtown.