Everglades Coalition hosts Everglades Day at the Capitol

The Everglades Coalition held its 3rd Annual Everglades Day on Tuesday, April 7, at the Old Capitol to raise awareness, get representatives to buy the land and save Florida’s drinking water.

The rally took place at about 11:30 a.m., swarmed with supporters signing petitions to protect Florida’s land and water. Supporters say they want the land south of the Okeechobee to store the polluted water, clean it up and send it south to the Everglades National Park where supporters believe it is desperately needed.

Cara Capp, the national co-chairwoman of the Everglades Coalition, said water unites us and sustains us. She believes people are at risk of losing adequate drinking water for one in three Floridians.

“That’s eight million people! This is the same water we need for a thriving Florida economy, for our businesses and for the beautiful natural lands we all know and love,” Capp said.

Singer/ Songwriter Jimmy Buffet headlined the event performing a number of hits for supporters. Buffet also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for the Everglades Foundation.

In their journey to restore the Everglades, the Coalition is educating young people about the value of water and the history of our State’s river.

Christopher Ramos, a young Everglades activist, rode his bike through the Everglades National Park and raised over $3,000 for conservation. He helped to spread the word about the cause to save the Everglades and was recognized for his achievement.

The Coalition is asking for everyone’s help. Over 200 scientists agreed that the land south of the Okeechobee should be bought to preserve the natural habitat. 75 percent of Florida voters supported the water and land legacy to protect the Everglades.

The 2015 Miss Florida winner, Victoria Cowen, was among the team of staunch supporters promoting for the Everglades Coalition.

“I believe that we have helped to promote and advocate for saving and buying the land and it was a joy to work with the Everglades Foundation and Coalition,” Cowen said.

Rebekah Raddon, a Senior Public Administration student at the University of Central Florida, said she enjoyed the music and it was a really fun-spirited event.

“There’s nothing more important than clean air and clean water so I support any bill, any amendment that will protect Florida’s drinking water. Without clean drinking water nothing else really matters,” Raddon said.

Carlton Moore Jr., Grandson of former Governor of Florida, Doyle E. Carlton, said the best way to protect the water is to protect the land.

To join the movement, supporters have asked that individuals tweet @MyFLHouse and @FloridaSenate and tell them to buy the land.