First ‘Get Fit FAMU’ Kids at FAMU DRS

Florida A&M University held it’s first Annual Get Fit FAMU Kid’s pep rally.  The students were taught exercising techniques and even worked out with Chocolate Zumba with Success Athletic Training Facility instructors.

FAMU’s DJ, Rasheed Wallace kept the crowd thrilled as he played variations of music. FAMU’s orientation leaders entertained the crowd with a recruitment skit informing the students about the history of FAMU. FAMU cheerleaders were on the sidelines chanting cheers. They gave an amazing performance that exhilarated the

Photo by: Te’Andrea Hood


Get Fit FAMU is FAMU’s fight for a healthy rattler community. Jacoria Borders student government association’s surgeon general, created the campaign after seeing a need for a better fitness practice in the Tallahassee community.

“FAMU DRS sits in our backyard, I knew that I wanted to inform children on staying fit and eating healthy. This event would not only spread health information, but it could recruit students to our university,” said Borders.

Over 200 students attended the rally. DRS High School Principal Joan Belle McGlockton advocates for students to live a healthy lifestyle.

“We try to teach a lot about nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle not only at school but away from school. Making healthy food choices should start now so that our students can live healthy lives,”said McGlockton.

FAMU students interacted with FAMU DRS students after the event.  Orientation Leaders, Presidential Ambassadors, FAMU’s Royal Court, and other leaders were in attendance, Kennedy Webster, a senior at FAMU DRS, was one those students

“I’m so happy that FAMU came to teach us about health. I actually love this shirt and I can’t wait until I become an official student at Florida A&M University,”  Webster said.

Photo by: Te’Andrea Hood

Get Fit FAMU kids t-shirts were thrown to the student as prizes. Towards the ending of the event, Success Athletic Training instructors asked students to take notes or remember the four steps to a healthy committed lifestyle. Step1: Eat a vegetable with every meal. Step 2: Consume over 8 glasses of water each day. Step 3: Learn your body do not consume too much sugar. Step 4: Do 30 minutes of workouts each day.