Florida A&M Hosts Second Annual STEM Day

Florida A&M University’s College of Science and Technology held its 2nd Annual STEM Day on Saturday March 28th, in the Perry-Paige Auditorium on the campus of FAMU.

The day began as middle and high school students registered for the event and were served breakfast for the preparation of the eventful day ahead of them.

After, the students were informed by faculty, staff, and STEM Day coordinators of what their STEM Day experience will consist of.

The students were able to meet and learn from STEM professionals in various disciplines during workshop sessions, to get a further insight to what career they might want to seek and inform the students of why their job is important. 

“It’s great to start developing them now,” Donovan Blot, STEM Day Student Committee Member and a third year Mathematics student from Miami, Florida, said.

Blot goes on to add that this event is great for the advancement of these students and how it interests them in the STEM, making them appreciate it for all of what it has to offer.

He then mentions how his involvement in this event has made others passionate about STEM, and that they have grown to enjoy it just as much as he does.

“This has made me realize how I make others show affection to what I feel,” Blot said.

One of the STEM Day speakers was Mark Branch, an Aerospace Engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

As an Aerospace Engineer, Branch plays a vital role in sending rockets and satellites in to space.

During Branch’s workshop session entitled STEM – A Pathway to Success, he talks about how STEM is all around us in our everyday lives and encourages the students to take advantage of their talents and skillsets to have a successful life and career.

“This day meant a lot to me,” Branch said. “After twenty four years of working at NASA and after two decades of outreach, I’m finding that I love this, more so, than I love my job. I still love my job, but I love giving back,” Branch adds.

Branch states that STEM Day was a great opportunity for him to give back, motivate and inspire the next generation of explorers and engineers.

“Trying to inspire these kids to do great things touches my heart,” Branch said.

Following the numerous career workshop-sessions the students were able to participate in solving a mock crime scene investigation.  

Using tips and given information, the students had the opportunity to walk in the shoes as a Forensics Scientist for a day, in order to solve the case.

STEM Day was concluded with a Panel Discussion for the parents of the student participants. The STEM Day speakers held this discussion to aid the parents in how STEM and its various disciplines can benefit their children’s lives.

“The workshop speakers were quite dynamic,” said Shanalee Gallimore, M.S., STEM Day Chairperson.

Having a major increase in the percentage of participants in this years’ STEM Day, Gallimore is looking forward to the events success for the future.

“Thus far, we can only hope for the best for years to come,” Gallimore said.

For more information on FAMU’s 2nd Annual STEM Day, contact the College of Science and Technology at (850)412-5978 or visit www.famu.edu/stemday.