FAMU’S ROTC Takes SECOND WIN: Commanders Cup

Florida State University and Florida A&M University Army ROTC hosted the annual Commanders’ Cup Competition on Friday, and FAMU took home the trophy. 

 The Commanders’ Cup Competition is an annual competition with various sports events between Military Cadets. The purpose of the event is to build comradery with neighboring ROTC units and to promote fitness and school spirit as one.

The challenge started at 1:30 p.m. and the competition ended at 5:30 p.m. 

The competition consisted of various sports, such as football, kickball and other events between Army, Navy and Air force ROTC Battalions. FAMU’s Army ROTC won 1st place in tug of war, which added points to the board. 

 Despite the separation of schools, and the fact that FAMU is a historically Black Institution and FSU is a Predominantly  White Institution. Here you view that If FSU and FAMU played often in major sports, i.e. football and men’s basketball, such contests would become less cataclysmic, less fraught with symbolism, and race. Less assumptions that FSU and FAMU students can’t work together and both be great. Considering the recent concern of FSU and FAMU sharing there engineering school. If the combatants would share a stage more often than usual it would limit the slightest thought of “Us” vs. “Them”. 

 Eleanor Carter, a graduate of Famu in 1991, reflected back to her college days.

Photo By: Natalie Washington

“In the 80s & 90s FAMU students were truly treated like 3rd class citizens – being refused access to FSUs Law School Library, being refused employment by local malls & establishments, facing off campus housing discrimination, being discriminated against by Caucasian faculty at both the joint Engineering & Architecture Schools," Carter said.

Here we witnessed great team work, love on the field, and the Military Cadets having a great time together.

Travis Mickens, 4th year political science student and also a Platoon leader has participated in the event for three years.

 “The event always has a good turnout, so it’s easy for us to work together, and a great opportunity to get to see what other campuses have to offer, Mickens said. 

 In the last two minutes of the football game, where FSU and FAMU were both depending on the last point to win the game. FAMU NROTC’s Witchy Desormo intercepted the ball with a touchdown which won FAMUs ROTC the game. 

 Witchy Desormo, a senior majoring in Construction Engineering Technology, held the position of Safety and Wide Receiver during the football game. Desormo says this is his third time participating in the joint commanders’ cup challenge. 

"It brought us together because even though we are competing against each other for the overall win, we all are representing something bigger than just a trophy," said Desormo. "We are all in our ROTC programs trying to earn our commission in our respected branch to protect and defend our country. It feels good surrounding yourself with individuals with the same goals."

After winning he and a couple of other NROTC members states that "It's amazing that that we won two years in a row but it doesn't change the perspective in the program because from the beginning we feel that we should always be the best that we can be in anything we participate in . NROTC Rattler battalion is the one to beat, and it's not going to be easy to beat us in the future Joint Commanders Cup."


The event was held at 3950 Tyson Road at FSU’s Intramural Fields.

The results were as follows:

1st Place: FAMU NAVY ROTC ; 2nd Place: FAMU ARMY ROTC; 3rd Place: FSU Air Force ROTC; 4th Place: FSU Army ROTC.