Mayor Gillum Releases Committee Advisory Board Survey

Tallahassee mayor, Andrew Gillum, released a citizen advisory committee survey last Friday.

The survey will be for Leon County residents interested in serving on any of the citizen board committees. 

“Not only is this survey for citizen advisory board, but it's also just to promote the openness here in City Hall,” Jamie Van Pelt, Community Relations Coordinator for the Mayor, said.

According to Gillum’s Facebook, he wants the advisory boards to be diverse and engaging to help improve conducting the business in Tallahassee. 

Mariah Green, 86, whose been living in Tallahassee all her life says she currently serves on serval boards in her community and wouldn’t mind being on the board if it sat right for her age. 

“I’m in the Griffin Heights Neighborhood Association, where I serve on the Hospitality Committee,” Green said.  “If the committee could suit an elderly women like me, I wouldn't mind being a part of it. I voted for Gillum so I know he won't lead wrong.”

The survey, available online via Gillum’s Facebook, asks residents if they ever served on a citizen advisory board and their areas of interest. 

Faye Williams, 52, a Tallahassee native, said it took her no longer than 2 minutes to complete the survey.

“I liked the survey. It didn't ask for anything personal and it was quick. I hope to hear from them soon,” Williams said. 

Since last Friday the City Hall has received almost 200 responses.