Club R.E.A.L. Fostering Future Real Estate Professionals

The School of Business and Industry along with the Real Estate and Leadership Club (Club R.E.A.L.) of Florida A&M University, offers an avenue for students to obtain a real estate license at a reduced cost.   

FAMU is the first Historically Black College and University to offer a Real Estate Program.

The 63 hour Pre-licensing Sales Professional online course is offered to any student looking to become a realtor at the commercial and residential levels.

The traditional cost for pre-licensing for prospective realtors is roughly 400 to 500 dollars, while SBI and FAMU has made it accessible to students for a much cost-efficient price of 178 dollars.

I feel that it is a powerful tool to use, to take yourself to that next level towards financial freedom,” Bobby Blackwell-Burt, Director of Recruitment for Club R.E.A.L. and a third year business administration student from Titusville, Fla., said.

Club R.E.A.L.’s main objective is to educate SBI and students of other colleges and schools, who have an interest in pursuing a career in Real Estate, while giving them all the tools necessary to become future real estate professionals.

“Real Estate is not a product business, it is a service business,” Club R.E.A.L. advisor and real estate broker, Paulette McFarlane, said.

Mrs. McFarlane stresses that in a service business it is vital to build a network and build a close relationship with your clients, in order to understand them and what they’re looking for.

Members of Club R.E.A.L. learn the do’s and don’ts of the industry, intern and network with local Real Estate professionals, as well be able to earn their very own license while still being in school.

 “We just want to make sure students who are interested in a career in Real Estate, have the tools to grow within the industry,” Morgan Culler, a fourth year professional MBA student from Howard County, MD, and Club R.E.A.L. President, said.

Students that are interested in seeking a real estate license can access the information and procedures through the Division of Continuing Education on the SBI Real Estate Program tab at or contact Paulette McFarlane at