K Camp performs at 5,000 Voters Strike

Photo by Maya Lewis

“I rock with FAMU. It’s FAMU, man,” said K Camp, an Atlanta-based rapper. Tuesday, hundreds of Florida A&M University students crowded Gaither Gymnasium waiting for him to perform..

Screams filled the gym as Camp swaggered into the building. He wasted no time, breaking into hits such as “Do It”, “Money Baby” and “Blessing.” Camp and his entourage handed out his new mixtape “One Way” to the crowd. The mixtape was released earlier this year, it’s also free to download.

“I love the energy, I go off the energy, said Camp. “Like, if the energy is strong in the building, that’s when I feel good. So, I love people that come out and support me.”

The Atlanta-raised rapper started performing in the high school group, HBC. When the group split, Camp continued on the road to stardom. In 2009, he produced the hit “All Night” and though it was  popular among college students, the song did not make it mainstream. Camp collaborated with Myko Montana in 2012 “Do It” but failed to allegedly receive credit for the song, according to an interview with Complex Magazine. It was not until 2014’s, “Money Baby,” that Camp finally made his debut to the world.

Camp recently shot the music video for his song “Lil Bit” this past weekend, and he is expected to drop an album this summer.

Jon Owens, a graduating animal science student from Miami, Fla. was elated by Camp’s performance.

“The performance was really good,” Owens said. “You could tell the crowd was excited to be in the building.”

FAMU’s Student Government Association brought the artist for the annual 5,000 Voters Strike. Akacia McBride, a fourth-year English student from Tallahassee, Fla., an Associate Chief Justice of the student supreme court, was thrilled by the performance.

“He [K Camp] did a great job. He really had a lot of energy,” said McBride.

The event was free to all students that voted in the 2015 student elections.

“It was a really good incentive to get kids out to vote. It is really hard to get students to vote, especially with student elections, but the K Camp incentive was really good,” said McBride.