Nursing Spring Convocation invites infectious disease specialist

Tameka Funny, an infectious disease specialist, visited Florida A&M University Wednesday to serve as keynote speaker of the School of Nursing’s Spring Convocation.

Funny referred to the recent Ebola virus outbreak to stress the importance of staying safe and aware in all practices.

“The Ebola outbreak has taught us much about science, comprehensive teamwork and universal precautions and has shown us what can happen when we ignore problems,” Funny said. “Pay close attention to your contact precaution signs, listen to your patients and most importantly, your instincts.”

Funny also left the students with encouraging words of wisdom.

“In life we can easily just decide to settle and to go with what’s easy for the status quo,” Funny said. “Don’t settle for the status quo. Do things that put you in an uncomfortable place, make change and be change."

Gina Akins, a graduating nursing student, was left feeling inspired after the convocation.

“I thought it was very inspirational for myself and my fellow nursing students to hear from someone who’s really seasoned and experienced,” Akins said. “She’s in a very important field which is infectious disease control and we all know that nurses are at an extreme risk for danger when it comes to diseases because we are the ones who are up close and personal dealing with the people who are infected, so it was nice to hear the advice she had for us when it comes to safety.”

Reuna Norman, dean of The School of Nursing, was pleased with the outcome of the convocation.

“Dr. Funny set the stage this morning for us to be inspired in what we do, not just the facts of what we do, but the inspiration of who we are as nurses,” Norman said.” “We appreciate the information that was brought to us. Usually our convocations are either knowledge based or inspiration based, but this one had some of both.”