NCNW Takes a “Silent Journey”

Five women stood in the cold for approximately an hour around the eternal flame Friday afternoon. The women each held a paper with a quote and were not allowed to speak.

They were members of the National Council of Negro Women playing a part of the Silent Journey.

“Our Silent Journey is a way to help broadcast and bring to the remembrance of historical African American who are forgotten about and misrepresented. We wanted to bring that back to this campus and let them know how great our ancestors are,” Jezreel Davis, who currently serves as president, said.

Onlookers must guess the quote the model is holding. Majority of the time it’s the quote of an African-American female whose achievements and fame go unnoticed. Such as Gabby Douglas, Coretta Scott King and Angela Davis.

“It’s always the same women we hear,” Lyneisha Watson, a member of NCNW, said. “There’s more great black women who have made history.”

The models are not allowed to speak to the onlookers who come to them to guess the achiever’s name. But, if the onlooker guesses correctly, they are rewarded with a treat.

When FAMU student, Amberly Williams, was asked about the event she found it to be very innovative.

“I enjoyed it and it truly made me think. Some of them were very challenging, like Betty Shabazz, but I really liked it," Williams said. "I really think they should do it on a bigger scale though and get the campus more involved.”

“We’ve done it last year, but this year we’re getting a lot of public recognition so the sky is the limit,” Davis said.

So far the organization has brought in over 50 college girls into the organization this year.