SBI renovates study lounge

Students test out the new furniture in the Bull & Bear Lounge (Eric Winkfield/The Famuan)

The School of Business and Industry re-opened the Bulls & Bears Study Lounge Friday.

The newly renovated study lounge, contains new computers, Rattler Charge Stations and mobile charger stools.

Students such as Walter Bennett, a junior finance student from Chicago, approved of the new study lounge.

“I absolutely love it,” Bennett said. “I was blown away when I immediately walked in and saw everything. I saw the precision and the care that was put in to building this lounge.  I will be using this facility every day.”  

Used as an education tool, the Bulls and Bear Study Lounge was named after the wall street jargon used to distinguished the difference of when everything in an economy is going great from  when it isn’t.

Faculty members of SBI said the newly renovated lounge reflects the positive qualities of the SBI program.

“This is awesome,” said Clyde Ashley, an SBI professor. “This is recognition of the high quality programs we have here at SBI. This represents our current legacy this is first class and I think our students will benefit greatly.”

Student Body President Tonnette Graham and her administration were praised for securing over $100,000 of Capital Improvement Trust Funds to complete the remodel project.  

“She didn’t just talk about it, she made it happen,” said Shawnta Friday-Stroud, the dean of the school of Business and Industry.

Graham said she and Vice President Ronnie Mackey wanted to “give back to one of the schools who gives so much to us.”

“We always brag about our School of Business and Industry and all you do to put FAMU on the map,” Graham said. “I said we need to do something to recognize you all and give you some where to get work done.”

The lounge was dedicated to the late Charles Evans, an SBI professor who assisted in the development of the school’s legacy. His wife, Connie Evans, said she was honored on behalf of her late husband.

“I am just elated,” Evans said. “My husband was a very humble man and he loved students and did all he could for them.”   

The Bulls & Bears Study Lounge will be open for students during regular school hours. An announcement will be made by SBI should those hours change.