Cold Weather Affecting College Class Attendance



With low temperatures in Tallahassee, Fla. many students are looking for ways to bundle up this time of year.  

Tallahassee is experiencing low temperatures this week in the low 30s. Many students think the best way to beat the freezing cold weather is to stay out of it. 

“I was not prepared for this kind of weather,” said first year business major, Savona Ryan. “I’m from farther down south and it’s almost never this cold.” 

Many students think that the recent bad weather makes even the most routine tasks a little more challenging. 

“Man waiting at the bus is a nightmare on cold and rainy days,” said second year architecture student, Thomas Milton. 

Bus stops are not a good complement to the cold weather and neither is having to walk in it. Tallahassee weather sometimes proved to be hazardous and local universities would take action. 

Last year, classes were suspended due to extremely poor weather conditions. School officials say they would never want to put students at risk of becoming a victim of extreme weather conditions. Schools may only suspend class if deemed necessary due to dangerous conditions, such as storm or tornado watch.  Many students feel like they rather not take a chance in bad weather conditions that the school may not consider severe. 

“I have been in a few classes on really bad weather days and notice a lot of absences,” said third year student, Demarcus Walker. “I kind of expect it now.” 

Many precautions have been made for students in case of bad weather. Some neighborhood shuttle drivers pick up and drop kids off closer to their homes. Students may also receive lectures and power points online using the FAMU Blackboard website. With spring right around the corner, students can get ready to put the cold weather behind them.