Uber Provides College Students Transportation

The transportation company Uber is taking away some transportation companies customers in the city of Tallahassee.

You can call in a ride for a taxi or an SUV, depending on the number of people you are riding with. They allow you to travel in style with an Uber Luxury Car.

As a promotional offer, Uber allows individuals to ride for free for their first time as long as they register with a valid credit card. Since everything is electronic, it allows students  not to worry about carrying cash.

Jerome Dixon owns his own local taxi company and for the past couple of months he has been losing customers to Uber.

“Of course there are loyal customers who will always call on you because they know you are dependable, but the college students are one of my best customers.” Dixon said. “You can’t compete with a huge corporation in such a small town.”

Jean Leon, a senior health management student at FAMU, takes advantage of the promotional offers by Uber. When he works during the week he rides the city bus, but he utilizes Uber’s services on the weekend when the bus is not operating.

“I have seven brothers and sisters and they each have significant others with debit cards.” Leon said. “When I need to use Uber, I send them a link for them to register and then Uber picks me up for free.”

Alexa Guy, a senior education student, believes Uber is greatly needed in a college town to cut down the rate of DUI’s and traffic accidents.

“Back in my hometown we use Uber when we want to be responsible and have a fun night out.” Guy said.  “We also can split the fare between each other equally and hassle free.”