Kid’s Night at Beef “O” Brady’s

Beef  “O” Brady’s in Crawfordville, Fla., invites Tallahassee families to join them on Tuesday nights for their weekly Kid’s Night event.  

Every Tuesday night from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., kids eat for free with the purchase of one adult meal.  Children are provided a Kid Zone, which included a bounce house and free professional face painting by Rosie the Clown.  

Julie Slayton, franchise owner of Beef “O” Brady’s in Crawfordville, talked about the how she looks forward to Kids Night every week.

“I love kids,” said Slayton.  “I purposely work every Tuesday night just to see the kids.  I love seeing the kids have a good time and get their face painted.  It brings joy to my heart to see the happiness that this event brings to the lives of the many children that attend.”

Beef “O” Brady’s has been open for over 25 years and Kid’s Night has been an ongoing event ever since.  

Summer Hall, an event planner and mother of one says that she loves Kid’s Night at Beef “O” Brady’s.

“Being an event planner is a very busy job,” said Hall.  “I never really have a lot of down time to actually cook for my family, so being able to get off work, pick up my child and come to here for Kids Night is perfect.  

Hall then went on to talk about how kids night at Beef “O” Brady’s has become a family tradition.

“Me and my family have been coming to kids night for the last 2 months,” said Hall.  I remember one Tuesday I forgot about kids night and my son cried because he wasn’t able to get his face painted.  Ever since then it has been a family tradition.”

Daniel Elwood, Hospital worker and father of one stated how Kids Night makes his week so much easier.  

“Being a single parent is already hard enough,” said Elwood.  “Being able to come here and have my child eats free is amazing.  Watching my son eat, get his face painted and talk to other children really makes me feel good inside and it also gives me a chance to relax from my long day at work.”

The Beef “O” Brady is located at 10 Preston Circle Crawfordville, Fla.  For more info on Kid’s Night or any other events please call 850-926-4350