FEA Back in Court for School Voucher Case

The Florida Education Association went back to Leon county circuit court for a school voucher lawsuit on Monday.

The case was brought in front of Judge George Reynolds.  The issue is that FEA explains that the tax-credit vouchers violate the state’s constitution.

According to Voucher Update 2, Joanne McCall, Vice President of the Florida Education Association, released a statement stating that the vouchers are unconstitutional and has been proven before in the 2006 Bush vs. Homes case.

“Now we are back in the courts trying to prove that this is unconstitutional, this is a procedural maneuver done by the state to dismiss our case so that that wont have to go to trial, the state will argue that our case has no merit and try to dismiss it,” McCall said.

The plaintiffs that are standing with the FEA on the case includes:  representatives from the Florida association of school administrators, Americans united for separation of church and state, the Florida school board association, the Florida PTA, the NAACP and the league of women voters.

“When it comes to standing up four our students, we will never hold back, we will never give up and we will not drop this lawsuit.  We will take it as far as the Florida supreme court if necessary, we will continue the fight,” McCall said.

Alexa Guy, a fourth-year political science and secondary education major from West Palm Beach Florida admires the incentive and persistence of the FEA.

“As a student who is studying education and intends to become a force in the field of education, this voucher program concerns me,” Guy said.

“I believe that the voucher program will create a parallel education system in the state of Florida.  Leaving many of our youth, minorities in particular the lack or a proper education as many students will not be admitted through such an initiative,” Guy said.

Arielle Shaw, a fourth year social science education student from Titusville, Florida believes that the FEA has ever right to head back to court for the voucher program.

“Although the education of our children and students is important no matter if its from a public-school or not, we have to wonder who does this voucher program benefit, low-income housed children or companies that gain tax credit for every dollar donated?,” Shaw said.

Advocates of the voucher believe that it allows students a better education and admission into private schools.