SJGC Hosts “Be Social Workshop”

As a forum for learning and networking, the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication held the “Be Social Workshop” that was presented by L. Michelle Salvant on Feb. 13.

Salvant, a 2001 Florida A&M University alumnus of the SJGC, is president of It is a faith‐based, multi‐media company that works with church ministries, businesses and schools. Her tagline is “you can just call me Jesus Christ’s publicist.”

Graduating prior to the development of social media, Salvant spoke to students about changes in media.

“This generation is exposed to so much. In our day it was few offerings. I think it can be overwhelming at times,” Salvant said.

Salvant shared what she felt were some of the setbacks.

“When I began my career, I struggled a lot of times trying to find my place because there was always a mold you had to fit. Everything had to be done a certain way. While foundationally that’s good, I feel creatively that’s a hindrance… it does not allow us to be individuals,” Salvant said.

As part of the workshop, Salvant had students take an entrepreneur DNA assessment, online via Salvant spoke of the advantages online users receive from taking the assessment.

“I think it’s important to realize what is authentic to you and what makes you different. I think our differences in this day and age equates to revenue, prosperity and can be used to help the common good,” Salvant said.

Daniela St. Hilaire, a junior graphic design student from Miami, Fla., said she attended the workshop to identify some of her weaknesses.

“I saw and enjoyed Salvant’s presentation in my class last month.” Normally working on Fridays, St. Hilaire said, “I requested the day off at Chili’s to be here. Right now I would be chopping onions. I learned I need to stop making excuses, be consistent and my dream can fuel my passion,” St. Hilaire said.

Kevina Fullwood, a senior public relations student, also from Miami, said she came seeking guidance to better direct her ambitions.

“I’m really sitting down and thinking about who am I? What am I going to be? And now that I am about to graduate, I ask myself, what am I going to do?,” Fullwood said. “I haven’t been to any workshops so far this year, but coming here today I feel motivated. I plan to open a hair salon and bring my sisters in with me to make it a family business. I also want to open a dance studio.”

Salvant is also the senior aide and media director at Life In the Now Ministries located in Tallahassee.

At the close of the workshop, she gave credit to her pastor, Dr. Nicky E. Collins.  “She was the first person to believe in me.”