Policy & Procedures Workshop Informs Students of Club Violations

The Office of Student Activities hosted a workshop to advise students who are involved in club and organizations Tuesday afternoon.

Bryan Smith, a special assistant to President Elmira Mangum for anti-hazing, gave students an insight on the reasons why clubs and organizations get suspended.

“The first violation will be you didn’t update any required paperwork. That can be a sanction,” Smith said. “Membership Infraction, often come down from national headquarters. We’ve had an organization before that we didn’t even know they were suspended but they got suspended by the national office because they went through their intake process. After the formal intake process, they decided they were going to do an unofficial intake process.”

Lt. Evers, FAMU Police Department, informed students of the changes that FAMU PD has made and what they go through on a daily basis.

“We work two shifts,” Evers said. “One from 6 in the morning that just getting off now at 6 p.m. The evening shift just coming on from 6 p.m. working until 6 in the morning. There are four to six officers working each shift. We get many cases of sexual harassment, sexual assault and petty theft.”

Evers explained to the students that walking home alone could be very dangerous, even though FAMU PD has installed new cameras around campus.

Smith really stressed the importance of anti-hazing as well as the FAMU anti-hazing rules and regulations.

“Since the Robert Champion death there has been 17 deaths throughout the United States, hazing related. Those are just reported,” Smith said.

Robert Champion was a former FAMU drum major who died Nov. 19, 2011 after participating in the hazing ritual known as “Crossing Bus C” in Orlando, Fla.

The final policy and procedure workshop will be held Thursday, Feb. 19, in the Perry Paige auditorium.