Gigi’s Cupcakes is Giving Free Cupcakes for a Year

In celebration of the franchise owner’s appearance on CBS’ “Undercover Boss,” Gigi’s Cupcakes is giving away free cupcakes for a year to one lucky local customer.

Friday, Feb 13 at 8 p.m., Gina Butler will make her first appearance on the hit television show.

“We value our customers here at Gigi’s Cupcakes and we just want to take the time to show our appreciation,” Butler said.

Butler spoke about how her company will celebrate her upcoming appearance on “Undercover Boss.”

“Our fans mean the world to us. We just want to show our appreciation by giving away free cupcakes for one year to one person at every Gigi's location across the country. We're excited to be on Undercover Boss, and hope cupcake fans in Tallahassee will watch!” Butler said.

In 1994, singer/songwriter Gina “Gigi” Butler moved from California to Nashville, Tenn. to pursue her dream career in the music industry.  Years after moving to Nashville, she found success in the culinary arts industry.  At the time, baking was becoming a lost art and she felt that it needed to be revived.  

In 2008, Gigi decided to open her first Gigi’s Cupcakes in Nashville, Tenn. and in six years with 98 locations, Gigi’s is the largest cupcake franchise in the world.

Timothy Norris, a jazz studies graduate student at Florida State University, stated that he is a frequent customer at Gigi’s Cupcakes.

“These are the best cupcakes on this side of heaven,” Norris said.  “Its just something about them that makes me feel good inside.  I am definitely going to be putting my name in the drawing for free cupcakes for a year.”  

Cal Reaves, Web Developer at “Plurp Media Design,”said that he would not eat a cupcake unless it is from Gigi’s cupcakes.

“When I was living in Tallahassee, I would go get a cupcake from Gigi’s at least once a week,” Reaves said.  “Giving away free cupcakes was the worst thing that Gigi’s could have done for me because God knows I don’t need it. But my name will be in the drawing for those cupcakes.”

The Tallahassee bakery is located at 6265 Old Water Oak Road.  To enter the drawing, please register at