Tallahassee Playwright Turns ‘Bitter’

Family Worship and Praise Center will showcase its latest on-stage production, “Bitter” Feb. 6, at the Tallahassee Auto Museum.

This will be Fire Dove Production’s third stage play, written and directed by Markeshia Gordon, a member of FWPC.

“The play is about a single mother forced to face the skeletons of her past,” Gordon said.“It’s a riveting portrayal of what could happen when you do not forgive.”

After six months of writing, Gordon was finally ready to showcase her latest creation, which compliments her Christian beliefs. The play features members of the church and Tallahassee community members who were selected during auditions. Recent plays from Gordon include, “This Time For Real” and “unHoly Matrimony,” which completely sold out in ticket sales.

Members of the church and the Tallahassee community were anticipating the production premiere, according to Gordon.

“They are super excited,”  Gordon said. “We’re a ministry where we don't focus on what is traditional or what everyone considers normal. We like to be free in the Spirit.”

Cast members of “Bitter” include Brandy Durham, a member of the church and the lead character, Mara, a single mother who is unable to shake her past.

Durham also played the role of Stephanie, the wife, in Gordon’s previous production, “unHoly Matrimony.”

“This play will reach a greater audience because you don't have to be married to be holding onto things,” Durham said. “Mara is a single mother and a subconscious antagonist.”  

Durham ,who is also a single mother, believes that everyone can relate to Mara in different ways.

“I think we’ve all had things going on in our lives that we try to hide,”  Durham said. “I have been in the type of situation where I've been holding on to something and think that I wasn’t.”

Tannisha Dunkan, a first time cast member  and mutual friend of Gordon’s, was excited to play the role of Tracy. Dunkan said that although she was a member of the International Model and Talent Association, this will be her first stage play as an adult.

“For me, this is an opportunity to build my acting resume,” Dunkan said. “It’s an honor to see what the production life is.”

FWPC members continue to reach out to the Tallahassee members for support of their original productions.

Dunkan said the new venue will provide a different experience.

“Expect a great time,” Dunkan said. “This event will be at the Car Museum which is a bigger venue than the church. There will be live music and original songs that were written by some of the cast members.”

Tickets for “Bitter” range from $15-$25. For more information, call 850-300-0997.