Leon County Commission names Sherriff Administration building

The Leon County commission held a monthly public meeting Feb. 10 to hand out awards, receive status updates and approve county plans.

A representative from Cascades Park, Lee Daniel, updated the commission on the park’s upcoming series of concerts. The concerts will include big names such as Pink Floyd, The Beach Boys and the Grammy-nominated band, The Avett Brothers.

Daniels presented the marketing plans and partnerships in place that will help bring in revenue.

The commission decided to pass a motion to name the Leon County Sheriff Administration building in honor of the late Sheriff Larry Campbell.

“Bill Proctor had a great idea of renaming the building,” County Commissioner John Dailey said. “Larry Campbell started at the ground level and worked his way up to Sheriff. He’s an institution here and very well respected.”

The motion passed unanimously and Commissioner Bryan Desloge echoed Dailey’s sentiments.  

“He was a rock for this community and really epitomized what Leon County stands for,” Desloge said. “He will be missed and I think this is a befitting honor.”

Larry Campbell served 50 years in the Sheriffs Office and the Florida Department of Law. Beyond the sheriffs office, he was described as a positive figure in the community by his colleagues and friends.

“When you’ve given that kind of time and years and have maintained that kind of excellence, you’re certainly worthy,” Commissioner Bill Proctor said. “Segregation was a part of our community and Larry Campbell was not apart of the old south in that sense, he pushed the evolution of law enforcement forward, he was a man who was able to move and shift with the times.”

Once the appropriate signage is made, a ceremony will be held at the building on Municipal Way.

In the meeting, the commission briefly discussed other agenda points. The Commission requested an improved annual report from the Science Advisory Committee for Leon County, and was given a status update from the Leon County Research and Development Authority.