Senator Files for Marijuana Legalization

Republican State Sen. Jeff Brandes (R), District 22, filed a bill to legalize medical marijuana.

The legislation would allow people suffering from serious illnesses, such as cancer, AIDS, or Parkinson’s Disease to get certification from a physician to obtain and use the medical marijuana.

Last November, an amendment was presented on the ballot to legalize medical marijuana in Florida, but failed.

“For Senator Brandes this legislation is not a response to the election results of Amendment 2,” Chris Spencer, Legislative Assistant to State Senator Jeff Brandes, said.

Brandes was a supporter and sponsor of SB1030, last year’s “Charlotte’s Web” legislation. He has consistently showed support for medical marijuana policies.

“Senator Brandes feels strongly that medical cannabis should be addressed in the state statute and not in the constitution,” Spencer said. “And for that reason he is proposing this legislation to adopt responsible measures to govern the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes.”

During the 2014 election, the Florida Sheriffs Association opposed Amendment 2.

FSA believed that the legislation contained to many loopholes that couldn’t be corrected by legislation.

United for Care is sponsoring the legislation filed by Brandes. The organization has an approved petition that has collected over 8,000 signatures in support of the bill.

“Signing the petition is a voice of support for the democratic process,” Elias Egozi, State Field Director of United for Care, said.

The organizations goal is to allow doctors and patients to make their own medical decisions. Egozi says that United for Care’s goal is to see a comprehensive medical bill passed in Florida.

“Signing the petition is not a declaration of support for medical marijuana,” said Egozi. “Just a message to our state government that Florida voters should have the right to decide on the issue.”