House Panel Plans to Close S.C. State

Questions regarding South Carolina State University’s financial abilities have led to a House proposal that could temporarily close the Historically Black College and University for two years.

South Carolina State University could be temporarily closed for 2 years. Recently, there has been questions in regards to SCSU’s financial abilities from a House proposal

According to South Carolina State Representative and head of the House Panel, Jim Merrill, said the university is facing troubled times, and recommends closing the school to revamp.

“We are looking at a bankrupt institution”, Merrill said. “No one takes any pleasure in recommending this.”

The South Carolina House Budget panel approved the plan on Tuesday, in an effort to give South Carolina State a “clean slate”.

According to SCSU’s Office of Admissions, its enrollment has dropped significantly since 2007, and has graduated less than 20 percent of its students within four years.

Betty Boatwright, Vice President for Enrollment at SCSU, said that the proposal to close the school would not affect them.

“This proposal is just a variable that will not have an impact on us. I have advised my accepted students to continue with their plans, because the school closing will not happen,” Boatwright said.

According to the South Carolina House Budget panel, the plan would terminate the institutions administrators and provide students who have a 2.5 or higher with scholarships to attend other schools in S.C., or any other HBCU in the country.

Camera Pierson, administrator in the Office of Retention at South Carolina State, was encouraging students to keep a positive attitude about the potential school closing.

“It hasn’t had an affect on us,” Camera said. “We are strong and we plan to keep a positive attitude.”

According to the State Legislature, in order for the House Panel proposal to obtain approval, the plan must pass the full House and Senate.