Tallahassee’s New Restaurant Will Offer an Antique Taste

From Left: Commissioner Mary Ann Lindley, Commissioner Scott Maddox , Co-owner of the Edison Adam Corey, Mayor Andrew Gillum ,Commissioner Nacy Miller, Commissioner Curtis Richardson, Co-owner of the Edison Ryan Grindler

City officials, financial supports, partners and local residents gathered for The Edison’s ground breaking ceremony.

Many were in attendance including the City of Tallahassee and Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), which is composed of the City Commission and members of the Leon County Board of County Commissioners, to celebrate the start of renovations of the historic electric building turned American Gastropub.

Co-owner of The Edison, Adam Corey wants  The Edison to be a place where people gather for drinks, food and a good time.

“Come get lit at The Edison,” Corey said.

Tallahassee’s historic electrical building, built by Yeager and Parker Contractors in 1921 has been sitting on what is now Cascades Park for 94 years.

Corey, who is also the owner of 101 Restaurant and Mint Lounge has been involved with Tallahassee’s Cascades Park Project for three years. He is now the co-owner of the $3.9 million Edison project.

The Edison building pays homage to Thomas Edison inventor of the light bulb.

The project is being funded by the city, community, and investment groups. “The CRA is putting together about 9 hundred thousand dollars and the City Public Works are also putting in a little over 1 million bucks. The other half is coming from me and my investment group. 2 million dollars will go directly to furniture, equipment and other operating capital expenses.” Corey said.

All attendees were given tours of the building before construction begins as well as samples of food that will be served on The Edison’s menu.

Seventy-five year old Tallahassee resident, Maggie Anderson said, “I have been living here in the capital city for 49 years, this past year has been more than delightful with such a beautiful park to enjoy my afternoons in. I’m excited about the parks new edition and can’t wait to have more than a taste of what the menu has to offer.”

When complete, The Edison will be a southern inspired gastropub that blends classic cuisine with an inventive flair. It will also feature a coffee shop and juice bar. Guests will be able to enjoy nature under a modern covered breeze-way with a dining patio and outside bars.

Shane A. Moniz, architect and business associate with Culpeper Construction wants to preserve the historic look of the restaurant with a “new antique” concept.

“It will look very similar to what it has always been. It is structured off the Mozart style of the 1920’s, built with high romanistic arches with many unique designs flowing throughout the restaurant.”

For more information, visit Talgov.com or Edisontallahassee.com