Florida A&M University hosts Career Exploration and Major Change fair

Florida A&M University students got the opportunity to explore possible career choices, change their majors and more at FAMUs annual Career Exploration and Major Change Fair Wednesday, Feb. 4, in Gaither Gym.

The fair was held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and had representatives from the Financial Aid office, the Career Center, and the Office of Access and Opportunity to assist students in a one stop-shop fashion.

Advisors from schools such as The School of Business and Industry,  The College of Science and Technology, and The College of Food Sciences were there to offer insight on their respective college of study.

Arnita Tucker-McFarland, a faculty advisor counselor from the office of Student Success, said the event is all about opportunity.

Students get the chance to meet with a lot of different departments and the advisors representing different majors all in one place, so its sort of a one-stop for everything,Tucker-McFarland said.

This is the universitys fourth time hosting the event. Charlene Howard, an academic advisor counselor at the office of access and opportunity said the event is all about making studentsmatriculation at FAMU a little easier.

A lot of times students are undecided in what they want to major in,” Howard said. “We try to make this event convenient for students to change a major or get information so they dont have to go office-to-office to make an informed decision about changing their major. Its important because a lot of students coming into the university dont know all of the policies or majors the university offers, but the event provides them with all of that in one place.

Pj Studstill, a freshman business administration student from Miami, attended the event to change his major to public relations. He said his freshman peers who are considering making a major change could benefit greatly by attending.

Sometimes coming into college we dont know what we really want to do,” Studstill said. “Its great to get guidance and counseling from advisors who are here to help.

Like Studstill, Khalila Baker, a freshman from Brooklyn, who is undecided, said she went to the event to get insight from an advisor.

This event is helpful,” Baker said. “Its different people here from various schools and overall the event is designed to help you. I hope to make a decision on whether I want to major in nursing or early childhood education. I want to take this opportunity now, so I can step into my future in the right way.