Tallahassee Wrestling Club helps community learn how to save lives

Wrestling club helps students get hands-on CPR training (Stephanie McMillon/The Famuan)

The Hansel E. Tookes Recreational Center became one big classroom Wednesday night as more than 20 students and members of the community took advantage of the CPR First Aid AED training.

The Tallahassee Wrestling Club teamed up with Teaching Our Youth Science and the National Society of Black Engineers to bring life-saving CPR First Aid AED training to the Florida A&M University community.  

CPR Florida taught the class, where they emphasized that CPR First Aid is essential to providing basic care in the event of an emergency and is important to be administered while waiting on a paramedic to arrive. 

Jerry Holt, a Senior Instructor with CPR Florida who has been certified for 25 years, was an athletic trainer and said that he personally has used CPR on athletes. He said most agencies charge $80 to $100 for certification, and that it's completely worth the money.

“Everyone should get certified because an emergency can occur at anytime, and the pricing is reasonable,” Holt said.

Some students who attended the training were volunteers who got a CPR First Aid AED certification and recertification for the Florida Dual Championship this weekend.

Paul Lafrance, a senior physical therapy student from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., said that he originally needed the certification for a job.

“I’m here to get recertified,” Lafrance said. "The class is really important, I only wish it was covered in my tuition."

Garneisha Hibbert, a junior science student from Miami., volunteered with all organizations involved in the training. She’s been certified for 4 years, and she assisted Holt with the course this year. She said the class does a great community service.

"I think everyone should get certification," Hibbert said. "Coach Holt is a great teacher. The class is educational and fun."

Many students believe that the CPR course was beneficial, but seem unaware of the importance the training can be for everyone, not just those in the health field.

Arnica Weatherington, a freshman pharmacy student from Miami attended for recertification for this weekend’s Florida Dual Championships.

Like Lafrance, Weatherington originally got the certification as a job requirement, but believed the training was beneficial to everyone. 

The next CPR First Aid AED training will be open to the community as well and it is scheduled for Wednesday February 11 at the FAMU Rec Center. The enrollment price is $55.

For additional CPR First Aid AED training information contact Ashley Andrews at: (305) 562-8546


Check out this video of Paul Lafrance participating in CPR taining: