Tallahassee gas prices reach five-year low

With regular unleaded gas prices as low as $2.01 per gallon, many in Tallahassee leave gas stations confident about the money they are saving.

Tallahassee has not seen gas prices this low since 2009, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Ben Brockwell, director of Data Pricing and Information Services at Oil Price Information Services said we could expect gas prices to continue to drop.

“It’s good old-fashioned supply and demand economics when it comes to the change in gas prices,” Brockwell said. “For the past three to four years, oil supplies have been growing at a faster rate than the demand.”

Brockwell said the gas prices are falling due to the frequent production in crude oil.  

“Shell crude oil has risen 68 percent over the past four years,” Brockwell said. “So we are now consistently producing over 9 million barrels of crude oil a day in the United States compared to 5 million barrels a day just as recently as 2007.”

Gas prices at several Tallahassee stations fell below $2.10 over the weekend.  Murphy Express at $2.01, and customers can get an extra $0.03 off per gallon if they purchase certain in-store items.  

Charity Rowe, a 22-year-old accountant at Florida A&M University, decided fill up her tank Monday and said that she is so relieved that the gas prices have dropped.

“I have always been able to afford to put a full tank of gas in my car, but it is so much easier on my pockets now that gas prices are dropping,” Rowe said. “It has been a long journey from seeing gas prices fluctuate from $4.00 to $2.00, but I count it as a blessing. All this money that I am saving on gas is going to go into my savings just incase gas prices decide to jump back up.”

Jade Jackson, a cashier at Shell gas station on the corner of Pensacola and White Drive said that she is excited that gas prices are dropping.

“Working here at the gas station, I see so many people scraping pennies together just to get a gallon of gas,” Jackson said. “Now that the prices are falling I don’t see that anymore and it makes me feel good inside.”