Graduate Recruitment Fair informs students on FAMU graduate programs

The School of Architecture and Engineering Technology served as a 4-hour informational hub for students interested in graduate school at Florida A&M University Jan. 21.

Verian Thomas, the interim dean for the School of Graduate Studies and Research and organizer of the annual FAMU Graduate Recruitment Fair, said her main goal was promote general awareness of FAMU’s graduate programs.

“This event was put on so that our students, mainly graduating seniors, can come and find out in more depth about our academic programs that are offered at the graduate level and make connections with faculty so that can go back and create a relationship,” Thomas said.

The School of Graduate and Studies and Research hoped reach underclassmen with the fair.

“We also wanted sophomores, juniors and freshmen to come so that they are not thinking about graduate school in their last year or last semester of college, which I think happens a lot, “ Thomas said.

Representatives from The College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences also appeared to make students more aware about its research-based programs.

Crystal J. Bryant, the graduate coordinator for the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, believed the Ph.D and M.S programs are overshadowed by pharmacy and public health programs.

“Some students know don’t know about our graduate program,” Bryant said. “They know about our PharmD program and IPH, but they do not realize that the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences also has a Ph.D and M.S program.”

Latoya Brown, a first-year community psychology graduate student from Cadwell, Ga.,graduate research assistant, said obtaining a graduate degree is critical in this day and age.

“I feel like going to graduate school gives you more opportunities … going to an HBCU for graduate school also gives you more of an advantage and people don’t realize it,” Brown said. “I made a lot of connections.”

For more information about graduate degree programs or fellowships at FAMU, visit the School of Graduate Studies and Research office located in Tucker Hall Room 469.