Haitian Cultural Club brings annual “Beat the Quake” concert to FSU

Students gathered on Monday in the Florida State Ballrooms to partake in the fourth-annual “Beat the Quake” benefit concert. The Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee, hosted it to collect school supplies, goods and nonperishable items to send to Haiti.

The “Beat The Quake” benefit concert informed the public  about Haiti’s progress since that devastating day in 2010. Many families in Haiti are still trying to repair their lives.  

Rachelle Saint Jean, the event coordinator for the past three years and recent graduate of Florida State University, was proud to have another successful turnout.

“The earthquake really hindered children from getting the proper education,” Saint Jean said. “This year I wanted students to give all year-round so they could see what kind of impact and great service they were attributing to Haiti.”

AmeriCorps Goodwill Goodworks! collected numerous items to send back to Haiti.

Nicole Pierre, a healthcare administration graduate of Florida A&M University, said the event was successful in its mission to inform the public about Haiti.

“This concert allows students to remain informed on what they can to do still help out those families that were affected by the disaster,” Pierre said. “Though, it may have happened a few years ago, it is still relevant because of the many lives that were affected.”

The HCC is made up of FAMU, Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College students.

Jason Eugene, president of the Haitian Cultural Club of Tallahassee and a hospitality management student at FSU, was very proud that students from each campus attended the event.

“It’s great to see students giving back and showing interest about the social issues that Haiti is still facing today,” Eugene said.

Many campus organizations, such as the Belly Dancers at FSU and Anhelo Tango Club, came out to show support and perform as well. The HCC’s dance troupe also performed native and some modern dance.

The organization hosts numerous events throughout the year, from various educational events on issues in relation to the African Diaspora to “kompa” dance lessons.