Pet rescue groups encourage pet adoption

Local pet rescue groups and the veterinarian community joined together to host the “Take Me Home Pet Adoption” event on North Florida Fair Grounds.

The event was created to find permanent homes for stray animals as well as educate pet owners about maintaining their pet’s health.

Grace Berman, founder of North Florida Rescue, coordinated the event in order to showcase homeless dogs, puppies, and cats for the Tallahassee community to adopt.

“Three years ago, I had to find a placement for my mother’s dog and a pet rescue group helped me, so I came up with this idea to help other animals in need of forever homes,” Berman said.“I work with high kill pet shelters that give the dogs only five days, so I transport the dogs to other rescues. We network with Tallahassee rescues and pay extra fees to make sure the dogs can stay in the shelters longer and find forever homes.”

Berman organized 12 rescue groups and at least 20 vets and vendors to be on site at the event. Cauzican Care Animal Rescue, Tallahassee Animal Control, and Animal Aid Foundation are a few of the rescue groups that were in attendance.

Veterinarians were present throughout the day to answer questions from pet owners and help educate the community about their pets.

Donna Allison, an animal aid veterinarian technician, said she helps control the pet population.

“Animals can get the same diseases as humans, so if you have an unspayed female dog, it can develop an infected uterus and unneutered male dog can develop prostate cancer,” Allison said.

Education was the main focus for the rescue groups, vets and vendors that participated.  Tallahassee Animal Control was also present to make dog tags for pets and answer questions.

Brendon Ocasio, an animal control officer, said education was a key contribution to his job.

“The most important thing about my job is education,” Ocasio said. “We acquire a lot of strays, injured, abandoned, or abused animals. We work to educate pet owners that end up in violation with ordinances because 90 percent of violations are about a lack of education. We also encourage everyone to spay or neuter their animals.”