Raury Performs at Club Down Under

Columbia Records recording artist, Raury, blazed the stage at Florida State University’s Club Down Under Thursday night for the second stop of his Indigo Child Tour.

Raury has rapidly built a buzz since the release of his Indigo Child project in August of last year, ultimately opening for legendary hip hop duo, Outkast, a month later.

The Atlanta native definitely gained more fans and listeners after opening for the group. Krystal Smith a Public Relations student from Quincy, Fla., said she enjoyed the instruments in the show.

“I like artists who perform with bands,” Smith said.

The “God’s Whisper” singer plays the piano and acoustic guitar with no classical training. The sound of Raury’s music shows the essence of music festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Musician and Orlando native Kiney Fleurejuste said the best part of the show was Raury’s stage presence.

“You can see that he loves sharing his music when he comes out on stage.”

Raury has been seen with music icons like Kanye West and Jhene Aiko. He said that everybody that he comes across in the music industry is trying to re-create an old style of music that people will enjoy.

“We are really pushing boundaries and making music fun again,” Raury said,

The Indigo Child Tour makes its next stop in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., where Raury hopes that more listeners will gravitate toward the new wave of music he’s releasing.

Raury said, “I want people to leave our shows meeting someone new. If you leave with the same people, you’re doing it wrong.”