Nike Designers Join Adidas for 2015 Release

Just in time for the holiday season, Nike designers left the company to join the Adidas brand and Kanye’s upcoming release this winter.  In 2015 these designers will lead a new creative studio in Brooklyn.

Adidas has been marketed by athletes and artists such as Robert Griffin III, Jeezy, A$AP Rocky and more.  You can also catch Eddie Murphy rocking his adidas in the classic film “Beverly Hills.” As you can see Adidas has been at the top of the sports shoe and apparel industry and with them bringing in creators like Kanye West, Pharrell and Nigo the company will definitely continue to prosper.  

Tatyana “Ty” Franklin, a junior criminal justice student and sneaker enthusiast from Miami. Fla., shared her thoughts on the matter.

“They’re a company that supports a designer’s creativity,” Franklin said. “Kanye West left Nike and joined Adidas, but I wasn’t surprised because they’re a company where you can sit down and freestyle design whereas with other companies you have to craft to specific concepts.”

Kanye West left Nike last year after not being offered decent royalties for both his Nike Air Yeezy I and II sneakers. He left the company with a $10 million contract with Adidas. Both his Nike Air Yeezy sneakers have been sold for more than $800 on eBay when it comes to resale value.

Adolf “Adi” Dassler, founder of Adidas, and his brother Rudolph were creating shoes in a small basement since the 1920s. In 1948, Rudolph split from his brother and created what is known today as the Puma brand. Adi Dassler officially created Adidas in 1949.

When is comes to the urban community, Adidas was a trend that a lot of rappers and African-Americans would wear because of the hip-hop influences. Run DMC’s track “My Adidas” flashed Adidas tracksuits, skull head Adidas, chains and black fedora hats.

Rashad Christie, a Champs store employee, noted that the company is really on the rise with new signings from rappers to graffiti artists.

With creators like Jeremy Scott Adidas has been able to go from simple skull head sneakers to create very unique and high quality sneaker designs such as the notorious Winged Adidas, which like the title says has huge wings attached onto the shoe. Many may think is a little extreme for just sneakers but like the striped company’s motto “nothing is impossible.”

Lamont Howard, a senior graphic design student and stylist from Miami, shared his thoughts about the Adidas brand and their progression.

“Adidas is a company that is based off ideas, style, creativity and based off artistic integrity,” Howard said. “They are past the industry of concept design and are focusing more into the iconic style and runway industry.”

A company that always seems to be progressing and strengthening bonds from generation to generation. They have definitely worked hard enough to earn their stripes and build a reputation that precedes them.