Health Festival Brings Out Rattlers and Community

Florida A&M University’s Health Fall Festival welcomed individuals from both the student body and community to enjoy a fun-filled health experience.

The Health Fall Festival completed the week of events that the First-Year Experience mentoring program, sophomore class cabinet and current Miss Florida A&M University, Dominique L. James planned for the freshmen titled, “A Different World.”

Located in the FAMU Village breezeway, Bond Health Community Center, housing and GET Fit FAMU offered an array of activities including free health testing, Zumba and a tasty health-friendly lunch.

James, whose a senior public relations student, elaborated on the details of the event.

“The purpose of this event was to tap into physical health,” James said. “We had the Bond bus come out and do HIV screenings, as well as blood pressure checks. We also had people come out and talk about lupus and STD’s.”

Senior FAMU student Jacoria Borders said that the event was beneficial to the student body.

“I feel as though any health related event is beneficial. Getting students tested, checking weight and blood pressure checks is important to know, to keep track of our health status, and also the cardio with zumba because a lot of us don’t like to get active,” Borders said.

Community member Lesley Scordo, who helped lead Zumba, said events like these are great for the community to come together and get fit.

“These events are great for people who don’t know how to get back into working out, or can’t find a workout regimen. It gives them a sense of family and that everybody is kind of working for the same purpose and same goal,” Scordo said.

If interested in Zumba, contact SAT Fitness at 850-545-1879. Single classes are $5 and monthly rates are $25.