Supervisors of Elections Challenges FAMU Students

Tallahassee, FL- With elections right around the corner, are you registered to vote? According to Leon county supervisor of elections data, only 10% of FAMU students who lived on campus voted for the local Primary Elections in 2010.

Supervisor of Elections, Ion Sancho, says that this is a call to political action for all young people ages 18-25.

In 2010 after the presidential election of Obama, statistics show that minorities and young people did not vote.

“I have a slogan, when people don't vote, Scott happens,” says Sancho. “It's about ensuring that every student at FAMU votes.”

FAMU sophomore Dyren Brown says that he feels “there is not enough exposure and relatability to the importance of candidates and their direct impact is not widely known by my demographic." 

Sancho says that in the 2010 elections, "That's exactly what happened, a whole bunch of People voted two years ago and re-elected president Obama. It’s like a relay race, are you ready to hand the baton off to the next quarter or the next lap or are you going to stay away from the polls like you did in 2010?

"Students need to get to the polls on Election Day, not enough is being done to ensure our future," says FAMU political science student, Karey Lane. 

Ion Sancho posed a challenge to FAMU: “if you can help make sure that Scott is not re-elected by ensuring that every FAMU student votes, I will tell you what, the other guy is not going to put in those kinds of people on the boards.”