FAMU Student Grazed at Party

Tallahassee, Fla. — Friday, Sept. 26, gun shots were fired outside of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical Universities, Army ROTC building at around 1 a.m Graduating senior Tristan Huff was grazed on the cheek after attempting to leave a party.

"I was at a party, I heard gun shots and everybody started running. I walked and felt a bullet hit my face," Huff said.

Huff attended numerous parties that night with some friends, including Frank Challenger, a third year graphic design student, who was standing just inches away from Huff when the shots were fired.

"We heard three shots in succession. We didn't really run like everyone else because we assumed they were shooting in the air. Then we heard four more. We attempted to run behind a car, then we heard two or three more shots. That's when I saw Tristan drop to the ground. He so playful so when he calmly said he got shot I thought he was joking, then I saw his face bleeding." Challenger added, "My main objective was to get him to the hospital."

Huffs mother, Grandmother and sister came from Pensacola, Fla. to check on him.

"This is just all too much," said Huffs mother, Michelle Blue, who is worried about the medical expenses the family has to pay.

This is the second weekend a FAMU student has been shot. Huff and Challenger expressed their thoughts on the issue of gun violence that has been occurring around FAMU campus.

"I never would think that would happen where it happened, I think people don't understand the responsibility anymore. I'm from New York and we have rules in place. It's all about following rules," said Challenger.

Huff added "It's always something going on and I know for a fact it's not FAMU students, the problem is we have an open campus. FAMU needs to do a better job regulating the parties close to campus."

Huff decided not to press charges due to not knowing the shooter. He received 30 stitches and was released 6 a.m, Saturday morning.

" I'm still alive, even though it came across my face, I'm blessed that it was me rather than someone else," Huff said.