Office of International Education holds Study Abroad Fair

Florida A&M University’s Office of International Education and Development organized its first Study Abroad Fair Wednesday for interested students in Perry Paige.

Interim Director of  OIED, Mrs. Agnes Coppin saw great turnout from the Study Abroad Fair.

“The event went great. We had professors bring their classes and the campus daycare, New Beginnings, brought over their students to be a part of the event,” Coppin said.

The fair had representatives from the Department of State, Peace Corps and study abroad programs offering information about study abroad opportunities.

Molly Kaubrys, a Campus Relations Coordinator from China Educational Tours, educated students on study abroad opportunities.

“I talked to a lot of students who are interested… I think having a fair is really a great way to show students about all of the opportunities that are out there, ” Kaubrys said.

The Study Abroad Fair was one of many events a part of OIED’s “International Education Week.” The purpose of the week-long event is to inform and educate students on the advantages of going abroad.

Both Kaubrys and Coppin emphasized how important studying abroad can be for students.

“It teaches you independence, patience and gets you outside of your comfort zone,” Kaubrys said.

Coppin added, “It allows students to be globally minded. It gives you experiences reading a book won’t do. It offers hands-on experiences as well.”    

Karen Mitchell, an “International Education Week” Coordinator, believes studying abroad makes students more marketable.

“It looks good on your resume for law school, med school, and any graduate school. It makes you more marketable for jobs, too,” Mitchell said.

Students interested in studying abroad can visit the OIED’s Office located in Perry-Paige, room 305. Advisors will assist students with the application process.