FSU and FAMU Inform Prospective Law Students

Florida State University’s Black Law Students Association & Florida A&M University’s Pre-Law Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta collaborated in Benjamin L. Perry for “Life as a Law Student” panel discussion.

Anika Boyce, the coordinator of the panel discussion and member of BLSA’s e-board, said that her goal was to create a forum where prospective black law students could interact with current black law students and professionals.

The panel discussion was mainly for students who have plans on going to law school but have no idea of what to expect. 

“The struggle has been worth while. Being in law school has been the most satisfying experience in my life,” said Danella Williams, a law student at FSU’s program.

David Cannady, a FSU Law School graduate and currently practicing personal injury law, was able to share his experiences matriculating through law school.

“People with As become professors, people with Bs become judges and people with Cs graduate and make the most money,” Cannady said.

The entire panel was in agreement that networking while in law school and stepping outside of the “black box” is crucial to the success of young black professionals. The discussion was filled with advice received through first hand knowledge regarding life as a law school student.

“Law is a saturated market, it has become a buyers market,” said Louis Baptiste, a member of PAD during his undergrad years at FAMU.

Tristin Brown, a prospective law school student who’s attending FAMU, said, “I came to the discussion hoping to gain a better understanding of what I can expect from law school.”

Unlike undergrad, in law school there is only one exam at the end of the semester. The coursework also becomes a lot more rigorous.

“You have to have a lot of self control and time management in order to study so that it all doesn’t hit you at the end,” said Jazmyne James, a member of BLSA.

Law school can be expensive and the job market for lawyers isn’t as favorable as it once was. Panelist advised the room full of prospective law students to critically analyze their decision to attend law school in order to make an informed decision.