Empowering Women to Make Financial Decisions

CAMPUS USA Credit Union and Keiser University’s Graduate School of Business held a financial workshop for family women and start up businesses at Tallahassee Keiser University.  

The seminar included a presentation consisting of a slideshow and discussion of women and money.  The seminar shed light on the challenges women face in the workforce and the steps to take to overcome financial obstacles.

The seminar consisted of a powerpoint presentation full of useful financial investment tips and information. Many valuable lessons were taught including: tips on how to become a more knowledgeable investor, how to plan for retirement and how to create an estate plan.

In conjunction, there was a small discussion about the benefits of hiring a financial planner to help manage funds.   

Director of Community Outreach Julia C. De Llanos orchestrated the seminar.

Llanos found this seminar to be beneficial for those who want to take control of their finances.

“Study after study has shown women exhibit very distinct attitudes about investing,” Llanos said. “Keiser University’s Graduate School of Business has partnered with Campus USA Credit Union to ensure local businesswomen turn these attitudes into wise investment practices.”

Fred Hilton, the Senior Financial Advisor at CAMPUS Investment Service at CAMPUS USA Credit Union, hosted the seminar.  Fred has been with CAMPUS USA 14 years and has been in the financial Industry for 22 years.  

There was one simple message Fred Hilton wanted the women in attendance to take away from the seminar, which was that they are the driving force when it comes to making personal financial decisions.

“They are in power to make their own decisions, they just need to get knowledge and work with a trusted financial partner,” Hilton said.  

Barbara Berry, a seminar attendee, was ecstatic to know after the workshop that she had in fact been following all of the right steps to investing her money properly.

“The most important thing I took away from this seminar is you need to always be informed and watch trends and be communicative with your financial planner,” Berry said.

The seminar was a useful event for women wanting to learn more on investing their funds properly.