Students Weigh In On Spirit Day For Homecoming 2k14

Florida A&M University’s Spirit Day on Homecoming Week had little student participation due to a lack of communication.

Ashley Clarette, a junior business administration student, said she would have participated if she knew about the event.

“If I had known that it was Spirit Day, I would have been drenched in Orange and Green. I love my school,” Clarette said.

Some students blame the lack of social media presence. Many students said they stay abreast of FAMU homecoming events hrough tweets on Twitter and posts on Instagram.

Salornee Sylvaince, a junior bilogy student, noticed the lack of social media to promote the homecoming events. 

“It wasn’t on Instagram. I didn’t see it on my timeline,” Sylvaince said.

Amonee Mathis, a freshmen psychology student, dressed in a white 'I’m So FAMU' t-shirt said he did not know about the event through social media.

“I found out about Spirit Day from a member of SGA [Student Government Association],”  Mathis said.

Mathis believes students do not use FAMU applications like FamMail, which update stundets on FAMU events though email. Many students were unaware of the latest events happening on campus.

“A lot of people don’t look at their e-mails,” Mathis said. “I’m always receiving e-mails about events … you need to make an effort to find out.”

Typically, Spirit Day is assigned for students at FAMU to prove to outsiders that that ooze Orange and Green blood. This year was not convincing.

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