College of Education Hosts Alumni Reception


Following homecoming convocation, the College of Education hosted its annual alumni reception in the Gore Education Complex Friday. The two-hour event enlightened alumni on the new things happening within the school.

Coordinator and keynote speaker Dean Patricia Green-Powell, presented to the alumni a presentation on the growth of the department. She expressed her gratitude to all that were able to attend the event.

“Each year it gets bigger and bigger, this was just fabulous,” said Dean Green-Powell.

The alumni were briefed on the expansion of the College of Education as well as its many accomplishments throughout the years. The event acknowledged and applauded alumni for their accomplishments since graduating.

Current Miss and Mr. College of Education Danielle McCloud and James Harris III respectively, expressed what the College of Education has taught them so far.  

“It has done a lot for me,” said Danielle. “I was able to get an internship from NASA just for five days. Everyone is willing to help you and work with you here, I love it.”

“The College of Education has taught me about professionalism,” said James. “Everything that we do as professionals is dependent upon the things we learn here at FAMU and I am so grateful that college of education is molding me into the great future educator that I am going to be.”

Immediately following the presentation was a raffle ticket giveaway and refreshments. The alumni mixed and mingled while catching up with old classmates.

When asked how she felt about the alumni reception and the College of Education, 2007 secondary physical education major Letecia Newman, had nothing but good things to say.

“This was my first time attending and it was wonderful,” Newman said. “I am amazed with everything they have done with the education department. It looks like we are actually getting something put into it that’s going to really help those that are coming behind us.”

Dean Green-Powell encouraged alumni to give back to the College of Education to produce future scholarships for the incoming and current students. Next year, the department is expecting the event to be bigger and better with an even larger turnout.