Flip This House

Recession is over and now Americans are looking for ways to recover. There is no better to do so than to invest your savings into the real estate market.  

Many gathered, young and old into the crowded conference room to partake in the Than Merrill free house flipping seminar. Than Merrill is a former reserve player in the NFL who now hosts the cable series ‘Flip This House.’  Merrill is the founder and CEO of FortuneBuilders and CT Homes and is also one of the most powerful real estate investors in the nation. He uses his TV fame to promote these free nationwide seminars.

Unfortunately, Than Merrill was not actually in attendance. Instead, Fortune Builder Senior Instructor, Danny Allen led the seminar. Allen encouraged audience members that they too could become real estate investors and gain big.

“I think it is mostly about having the mindset of win, win,” Allen said. “We want to help people stay in their house. We tell people the realities of the business because it’s not all about the money. I helped so many people. I know I am doing a going thing.”

The audience was educated on numerous topics from wholesaling, taxes, and retirement accounts and investing vs. saving. Many participated with questions and answers.

The free two-hour seminar urged attendees to purchase access to the three-day summit for just $197 that was of $1,197 value.

“I feel like it was an investment for my future,” said Jeffrey Elisbrun, a sophomore Florida State University economics and finance student. “This $197 may make me a millionaire one day.”

Others saw the possibilities in what the seminar can offer.

“For me I am a real estate agent by trade, but I do want to get into the investment side,” Christine Harrell said. “It’s motivational for me. I know that if I apply what I learn, I will reap many benefits,”

Not everyone bought the package, but more than half of the room signed up for the three-day summit. Perhaps they saw the benefits also.