FAMU Homecoming Concert Loses Money and Artist

Atlanta-based rap group Migos were a no show at the 2014 Florida A&M Homecoming concert.

Fans were suprised to find out the group was not in attendance with the other two headline artists, August Alsina and Wiz Khalifa.  

The concert was brought to FAMU by Nixclusive, formally known as Frontline Promotions, and FAMU’s Student Government Association. Both sincerely apologize, but explain they are not the only ones to blame.

Pat Nix, owner of Nixclusive, was not the first but the second promoter chosen by FAMU’s SGA to provide entertainment for the homecoming concert. Although having a late start, Nix explained how he is partly at fault for the group not showing up.

“I will take part of the blame, being that it was last minute, I called a lot of favors in,” Nixclusive said.

One of the favors offered to FAMU was low prices for popular artists like Migos and August Alsina. After signing contracts and handing more than $25,000 in a deposit for the two artists; Migos' contracting agency, Logan Agency, was no longer able to be contacted.

“I want it to be clear that it was not FAMU’s fault, there is just bad people and unfortunately we just ran into one of them,” Nixclusive said.

FAMU SGA vice president Ronnie Mackey, says it’s unfortunate that the group did not show up, but explains how they achieved their goal of bringing back the FAMU homecoming concert.

“It’s unfortunate that Migos couldn’t come, but the concert was still a success,” Mackey said. “They’re really a good group, but when you're using students money you have to understand the type of market that is. This is a market where the students money paid for you to be here and you decided not to show up.” 

The emerging rap trio wouldn't give FAMU a $2,000 break after they realized a fraudulent contract was signed and their deposit money was stolen. Nix and Migos management kept in contact up until the day of the concert; yet no agreement could be made.

“We were scrambling. We felt like it was our duty to produce a good show. We didn’t want to have any more negative stuff going on or said about the FAMU's homecoming concert," Nixclusive said.

Khelsii Hill, a senior social work student, said she only came for one reason.

“All I came to see was August Alsina. Nobody else was needed,” Hill said. “I enjoyed myself even though Migos did not perform. I can’t wait to see who they will bring here next year.”

Nix has some ideas, if considered, for the promotion position in next year’s concert.

“Next year if I’m chosen to do it we’re going to have time, we’re going to have more fun, we’re going to have a better deal, and we’re going to have more funds to add to the FAMU homecoming budget,” Nixclusive said.

Nixclusive and FAMU SGA have things planned for the near future. The Orlando Classic is just around the corner and Nixclusive is bringing Yo Gotti, Kevin Gates, and actor Omari Hoddrick to Orlando for the Rattlers entertainment. FAMU’s SGA has new ideas, possibly a concert, for the Spring homecoming.