FAMU’s Best Dance Crew/Pit Pandemonium

Florida A&M University kicked off homecoming week with Pit Pandemonium Basketball Pep Rally. Rattlers attended the celebration at Jake Gaither Gymnasium to prepare for the 2014 basketball season.

Tyler German, one of the coordinators for this event said, “We wanted to start off with a spirit day, because that’s what homecoming is about.”

The pep rally brought out dance performances from Rampage Step Team, Reconstruction and FAMU’s Cheerleading Team.

Ria Floyd, the Captain of the FAMU’s cheerleaders said, “I look forward to this event every year it’s getting people to know who our basketball team is before they start their season.”

The athletics department looks forward to the dance organizations getting involved in the pep rally. The crowd went wild when students were able to show their school spirit by dancing to the most popular songs on the floor. The stands were filled with people supporting the women's and men’s basketball teams.

Brooksie McGraw, who is on the women’s basketball team and was also crowned Miss Venom that night, said, “Today’s event meant a lot to me because I transferred here. It just shows how much athletics is trying to reach out to the students to come show support at our upcoming games.”

The basketball teams also performed for the crowd. They each introduced who they were to the student body by doing a group dance for the crowd.

“That crowd intimidation affects the other team. It’s like home court advantage we love to see our supporters it makes us want to play,” McGraw said.

Brittany Sanguinetti, for instance is from Tallahassee,Fla., enjoyed the event none the less.

“It was very fun and organized it was very diverse one minute it was old school, the next new school,” Sanguinetti said. “I had a really good time.”

“I will definitely attend more basketball games,” Sanguinetti said.

This event excites Rattlers for the upcoming basketball season.